Hydronic (in-floor) Heating

the manifold set up for an in-floor heating system
Reduce the costs of your heating bills with in-floor (hydronic) heating in your new or existing home, place of business or shop.

How does it work? Using heated water circulated through pipes embedded in the floor or concrete a hydronic system provides warmth where it is needed when it is needed allowing unsurpassed comfort during even the coldest times of the year.

The heating system is a crucial part of the comfort and enjoyment you will experience in your home though often its the most overlooked and compromised system when budgets are tight, whereas spending a few extra dollars initially will save you a lot more down the road as fuel and electricity prices continually to increase. a picture of the tubing involved in an in-floor heating system

Thompson's Plumbing takes the time with you to discuss and plan your heating system before any major decisions are made providing a well maintained level of comfort for years to come.

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