Electric and On-Demand Water Heaters

A properly installed water heater from Thompson's Plumbing assures hot water when you need it whether it is an electric or on-demand water heater. What is the difference? An electric water heater is a tank filled with water that is heated by electricity and kept at a temperature that provides hot water when the tap is turned on. There are several models from which to choose depending on your needs and space but unlike water heaters of days past modern heaters are energy efficient, insulated and well built . If your heater is more than 10 years old you may be throwing money down the drain. Contact Thompson's Plumbing for an appointment. a hot water on demand system is displayed deomonstrating the quality workmanship of Ron Thompson Plumbing

On-Demand or 'tankless' water heating is a relatively new concept to the North American consumer markets. Different from the standard water heater tank, on-demand water heating heats the water only as needed with no need to store heated water on a continuous basis wasting electricity and money. A propane on-demand water heater heats the water being used rapidly delivering a constant supply of hot water without having to wait for a storage tank to heat enough water for your purpose. Typically, this type of heater provides hot water at a rate of 7.5 - 15 liters per minute however if you have multiple uses in a large household separate on-demand heaters can be installed in several locations where they are needed.



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